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For several years we have specialized in the broadly understood international transport law. Our scope of services includes the following areas within the branch of transport law: national and international administrative transport act (the Road Transport Act, reg. 1071/2009 EC, 1072/2009 EC, 1073/2009 EC), national and international labour law (the Labour Code, the Act on working time of drivers, directive 96/71 EC), national and international social security law (reg. 883/2004 EC), tax law (the Personal Income Tax Act, the VAT Act), domestic and international transportation law (Official submission certificate, the CMR Convention), the act on transportation of hazardous materials (the ADR Convention), the act on transportation of highly perishable products (the ATP Convention), the law on securing and immobilizing cargo (EC guidelines, EN 12195, PRD), national and international law on transport of passengers in occasional transportation and regular transport up to and above 50 km (reg. 1072/2009 EC), the law on harmonization of work on a regular service up to 50 km (chapter 4a of the Law on working time of drivers), the law on insurance of means of transport, the law on insurance of liability of the carrier, the freight forwarder, the shipper, the manufacturer, the law on liquidation of personal and property injury, private international law - the law on conflict-of-law rules between legal systems of individual countries (reg. Rome I) as well as public international, EU and European law regulating driving periods, breaks and rest periods of drivers (reg. 561/2006 EC, the AETR Convention), the law on use of analogue (reg. 3821/85 EEC Annex IA) and digital tachographs (reg. 1360/2006 EC, 1266/2009 EC, 165/2014 EU), the law on benefits for business travels (the Labour Code, regulation of the Polish Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of 2013), the law on employment of foreigners, the law on public collective transport (the Act on public collective transport), national and international law on the secondment of workers to work abroad, national and international road traffic law (PRD, the Vienna Convention), international rules of sale Incoterms 2010, corporate law, temporary workers employment law (the Act on temporary workers employment).

15 years of experience in the transport sector, more than 1,500 successful appeals against administrative decisions, more than 300 remedial legal audits in transport enterprises, more than 310 legal papers devoted to transport law, two authored books “Mobile working time of drivers, discrepancies between the rules of national law and the rules of international law on the basis of the analysis of EC Regulation 561/2006” (currently in the process of publishing - more than 1000 pages) and “The legitimacy of overnight subsistence allowance-juridical analysis”, 20 radio programs devoted to the law on transport in the Polish Radio, more than 130 appearances in the media as an expert of transport law, 2,500 trained drivers, approximately 20 courses per year for the management, more than 10 copyright software for the TFL sector, 5 copyright conferences on the transport law, supporting dozens of companies in the implementation of working time records, calculating salaries and contributions to ZUS/US, more than 100 thousand records kept for customers under remote record keeping, more than 1,500 customers, thousands of telephone and mail legal advice for drivers of transport companies, elimination of about 30 significant legal errors in national and EU transport legislation, 2 awards for the system SILNIK PRAWNY (Legal Engine)/formerly known as LEXtrans24 and VTS Project.

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Legal Departments of the Law Firm

Department of Legal Processes. We conduct nearly 250 processes across the country before the Labour, Civilian, Administrative and Penal Courts including the Supreme Court and the Supreme Administrative Court – with respect to any area of broadly understood transport law.

Department of Appeals in Administrative Proceedings. This department specializes in the appeal procedure of national and international decisions on imposing administrative penalties in terms of entrepreneurs in the TFL sector.

Department of Legal Engine. By means of proprietary software (Legal Engine) we conduct and manage the entire documentation of drivers, vehicles and transport companies. In total, the department manages dozens of transport companies, managing hundreds of thousands of legal records for transport companies.

Department of Optimization of Personnel Costs and Performance of Labour Regulations and Remuneration Regulations. This department specializes in the execution of legal–accounting simulations, personnel costs of transport companies and the preparation of amendments to the Labour and Remuneration Regulations, generating savings and reducing the potential risk of workers' claims.

Department of Working Time Records. This department specializes in calculation using a proprietary software (VTS-Records) of working time records. The department uses proprietary software (VTS – E-leave of absence) to provide the ability to issue certificates to drivers, directly from the employer's computer to the mobile phone of a driver anywhere in the world using an electronic signature.

Department of Calculating Remuneration and Social Security Contributions. This department specializes in the calculation of employee remuneration using proprietary software (VTS-Salaries) together with allowances, the calculation of social security contributions to the US (VTS-Social Security) and the minimum wage of EU Member States.

Department of Property and Personal Communication Claims Settlement. This department specializes in the settlement of communication claims in the TFL sector in terms of OC, OCP, OCS, AC and CARGO insurance in the settlement and legal proceedings.

Department of Motor and Property Insurance. This department specializes in the development of the Special General Conditions of Insurance for the TFL sector in terms of OC, OCP, AC and CARGO insurance.

Department of Organizing Commercial Companies in the TFL Sector. This department specializes in the organization of most favourable organizational forms of enterprises in the TFL sector in terms of anti-enforcement, tax and organization.

Department of Law on Passengers and Public Collective Transport. This department specializes in the preparation of Transport Plans and the harmonization of legal and mathematical work time.

Legal Department in the field of Carriage of Dangerous Goods ADR. This department specializes in DGSA advising and drafting of reports from the conditions concerning implementation of the transportation of hazardous materials.

Legal Department in terms of normative immobilization of cargo. This department specializes in advising and implementation of audits with regard to normative immobilization of cargo in transportation, optimization of logistic processes.

Picture of Mariusz Miąsko

Mariusz Miąsko

Lawyer, entrepreneur, inventor, author of over 250 publications on transport law, lecturer of transport law

Picture of Karolina Otfinowska
Head of the Department of Legal Engine

Karolina Otfinowska

Lawyer (Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Krakow University), a graduate of postgraduate studies in the field of Health and Safety

Picture of Iwona Falgier, PhD
Head of the Department of Motor and Property Insurance

Iwona Falgier, PhD

Lawyer (University of Silesia), an insurance broker, a specialist in claims handling, a specialist in OCP, OCS, CARGO, D&O insurance

Picture of Jarosław Kędzior
Department of transport law and immobilization of cargo

Jarosław Kędzior

Mechanical engineer (State Higher Vocational School), a specialist in transport law and immobilization of cargo

Picture of Renata Domagalska
Training Department

Renata Domagalska

Performs the duties of head of the Training Department, a specialist in organization of training courses and legal conferences organized by the LFV

Picture of eng. Janusz Drzewiecki
Specialist in ADR

eng. Janusz Drzewiecki

Picture of Małgorzata Miąsko
Vice President, Head of the Commercial Department

Małgorzata Miąsko

A graduate of Marketing and Management (University of Economics), germanist, sworn translator (judicial) of the German language (Jagiellonian University)

Picture of Anna Nieć - Mrzygłód
Head of the Department of Communication claims settlement

Anna Nieć - Mrzygłód

Lawyer, specialist in personal and property claims settlement and AC, OC, OCP insurance

Picture of Att Andrzej Zoń
Leader of procedural alternates team

Att Andrzej Zoń

Lawyer (University of Silesia), a specialist in drivers' labour law of transport companies and transport law

Picture of Maciej Ostrowski
Department of administrative appeals

Maciej Ostrowski

Lawyer (Jagiellonian University), acting as the head of the Department of external orders and administrative appeals

Picture of Wojciech Gleń
Department of law on passenger transport

Wojciech Gleń

Eng. specialist in the field of law on passenger transport on a regular service up to and above 50 km and collective public transport

Picture of Barbara Gajda-Kocjan
Specialist in Public relations

Barbara Gajda-Kocjan

Picture of Wioletta Baum
Head of the Department - Secretariat

Wioletta Baum

A graduate of administration at the Jagiellonian University, Head of the Secretariat and the correspondence of Law Firm Viggen

Picture of Adam Słoma
Head of the Procedural Department

Adam Słoma

Lawyer (Jagiellonian University), acting as head of the Department of process

Picture of Att Bartosz Skorek
Department of transformation and organization of commercial companies

Att Bartosz Skorek

Specialist in commercial companies law, organizations and transformations of companies, tax law specialist in transportation

Picture of Maria Krawczyk
Department of working time records

Maria Krawczyk

Lawyer, acting as head of the Department of calculation and optimization of working time records of mobile workers in road transport

Picture of Magdalena Szaraniec-Kurzydym
Head of the Department of payroll calculations

Magdalena Szaraniec-Kurzydym

Lawyer (Jagiellonian University), spec. in. optimization of payroll and insurance costs

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