Viggen Law Office sp. j (registered partnership) is recognized as the best, the biggest and the most popular team of lawyers in the country for 14 years, specializing exclusively in the service of transport companies.

We are the only niche law office on the market, which specializes in so broadly defined transport law.

We know 70 sources of domestic and international transport law, including 44 sources of transport labor law.

Our clients are both domestic subjects and the ones with foreign capital.

It is thanks to us, that:

  • There is again the amended AETR agreement in Polish law system!
  • The procedure of implementation to Polish law of the ATP agreement was started!
  • GITD backed out from imposing tremendous and unlawful fines for contravenes in the viaTOLL system!

It does not matter how long the distance is, for us is important the quality of provided services, which through our law office is completed on the highest level!

Our law office is involved mainly in:

  • Representing individual clients and economic subjects in courts,
  • Representing clients in Provincial Administrative Courts in all transport cases,
  • labor law” of drivers, especially within the claims on account of diets, overnight subsistence allowance, overtime,
  • Managing the law-economic processes in a transport company,
  • Preparing a transport company for ITD, PIP inspection,
  • Cost optimization in a transport company,
  • Broadly defined law service of a transport company.


The distinctive features of Viggen Law Office sp. j (registered partnership) is undoubtedly the most extensive experience within the transport law. Have you got a problem with managing your transport company? You do not know how to effectively appeal to the decisions of ITD and other domestic and European supervisory bodies? You need help within implementing repair procedures in your transport company?

We will help! It is so simple with us!


  • We have absolutely the biggest in Poland experience in implementing repair procedures in transport companies, what results from the carried out by us over 300 law audits at medium, big and the biggest carriers in the country.
  • By the unique, innovative solution presented by the Managing System of Law-Economic Processes in Transport Company “SILNIK PRAWNY” we take part in the process of co-determination in several dozen of transport companies in selected departments of those companies.
  • Viggen Law Office sp. j (registered partnership) carried out 1000 appeals against administrative decisions:
  • Road Transport Inspection
  • National Labor Inspectorate,
  • Internal Revenue Office
  • Customs Office,
  • Office of Technical Inspection,
  • Marshal Office,
  • District Office
  • Border Guard,
  • Police
  • Voivodeship Office
  • International Transport Support Office,
  • Social Insurance Company (ZUS),
  • Review Bodies of European Union (equivalents of ITD).
  • The team of lawyers of Viggen Law Office is the author of the biggest in Poland base of law studies within the transport law. We created for you as many as 310 unique publications! More in the fold “Law studies”.
  • Our team is the author of many amendments of projects, with which you will get acknowledged in the fold “A list of works”. This is thanks to us, that the AETR agreement exists!
  • Viggen Law Office sp. j (registered partnership) is the main expert within the transport law for many national and local media. Media activity of the Law Office is presented in the fold “VLO in media”.
  • Viggen Law Office sp. j (registered partnership) is the author of 14 various law products. More about our products in the fold “Services”
  • Viggen Law Office sp. j (registered partnership) is the organizer of the biggest law conferences in the transport trade and also participates as an expert in many conferences of transport workers. More about this issue in the fold “Conferences”.
  • We have carried out courses for about 10 thousand drivers so far, and we also conduct 20 courses annually for the management stuff. Their chief asset is the workshop system, which allows to ask any number of questions in the subject of transport law, which we can answer with no trouble. It results from the extensive expertise of our team and from practical skills.
  • Viggen Law Office sp. j (registered partnership) is the participant of works in Sejm Committee within the amendments of the road transport act and time of drivers’ work act (in the name of S.U.R.K.S. and T.D. “Najlepsza Droga” [ang. The Best Road].

Our Mission

Our main aim is to simplify managing a transport company to the minimum. Thanks to our unique and innovative software, some previously complicated processes do not require a human’s intervention anymore and become so simple!

They become simple with us!

This is our motto:

  • to help the weaker and the defenseless,
  • to change the world for better,
  • to build constructive solutions in the transport branch,
  • to protect Polish transport,
  • to get to know more about civil approach towards law and state,
  • to look up right where the sight cannot reach.