At this point, we will inform you about the latest curiosities of transport law! Do you want to know more? Do you want to know information which was never written by anyone?

With us it’s simple!

  • Did you know that… the AETR agreement does not apply to Poles?

  • Did you know that… the AETR agreement will again apply to Poles in 2014 because of the Law Firm Viggen?

  • Did you know that… medical certificates shall be issued to the transport company and medical reports to the driver?

  • Did you know that… each driver in the company must certify in writing that they are familiar with the “evaluation of occupational risk”?

  • Did you know that… a group of professional “drivers” in any company should undergone “evaluation of occupational risk”, regardless of the received occupational health and safety trainings?

  • Did you know that… cargo securing is required regardless of the load weight?

  • Did you know that… some forms of remuneration to drivers have been banned since 1 January 2012?

  • Did you know… how to read the symbols on the label of a securing strap?