Do you know, that if you assumed, that your company employs 100 drivers, you can save even 1.620.000 zlotys and have 100% legal safety? This all is possible thanks to our new service “WORKER’S OPTIMIZER”!

With a view to the wave of drivers’ claims, which recently due to the Resolution of the Seven Judges of the Supreme Court of 12 June 2014 has reached its apogee and in the interests of legal safety of transport companies, Law Office Viggen sp.j. has developed a new unique solution called “worker’s optimizer”, that is “Law and Economic Security System on the basis of the Labor Law in Transport”. Read and find out how much you can benefit from it!

The use of the innovative “ WORKER’S OPTIMIZER ” gives the entrepreneur savings even up to 50% of the potential of labor claims due to overtime, duties, allowances on account of night work, allowances on account of work on Sundays and holidays (which is about 400 zlotys gross per month on one driver who is employed under a contract of employment assuming, that the rate is only 10 zlotys gross per hour). Of course, the benefits from the implementation of the “ WORKER’S OPTIMIZER ” grow in proportion to the increase in the remuneration of a driver in terms of an hourly rate.

The high financial effect of optimization of Viggen Law Office sp.j. is thanks to a skillful implementation to internal labor law sources of transport companies of a set of 46 variables (institutions of labor law, tax law), thanks to which our law office is able to accurately make calculations to simulate the savings that can bring for entrepreneurs to use the “optimizer STAFF”. The customer (the transport undertaking) after accepting a proposal to implement dozens of settings variables receives from the Office of a ready-made solution (structure) from internal sources of labor law (in particular in the form of the Labor Regulations and Regulations Remuneration), which in two weeks allow for the reduction of labor costs.

A point of departure for a well done optimization is setting the process of implementation of particular labor law institutions in the right order, so correct and the most beneficial use of particular variables. Thanks to it, the transport companies usually get to know about hidden costs, about which they had no idea before, and because of which they can significantly rise profitability of their company and thanks to it the competitiveness in the domestic and international arena!

Viggen Law Office sp.j. is able to lower the potential of a driver’s legal claims on average about 450 zlotys for each driver a month assuming that the cost of one working hour remuneration is 10 zlotys gross.

If we assume, that a company has for example 100 drivers, then after multiplying the value of 450 zlotys gross by 100 drivers and after multiplying this value by 12 months and then by the period of 3 years (because of the fact, that the employee claims can be inquired for 3 years) we get the amount of savings or lowering the potential of risks of about 1 million 620 thousand zlotys gross for each 100 drivers.

To sum up, a transport company having 100 drivers can be charged with claims on account of the above mentioned additions in the value of 3 millions 60 thousand zlotys and this thanks to “EMPLOYEE OPTIMIZER” of Viggen Law Office sp.j. can be lowered of about 1 million 620 thousand zlotys gross what makes the equivalent of 5 new truck tractors.

Even in the first month of application of “EMPLOYEE OPTIMIZER”, the amount of drivers claims with 100 drivers lowers of about 45 thousand, at the same time drivers retain the same, as before optimization, net remuneration (!). The gross elements of remuneration will be replaced with not grossed elements.

Whereas in the long term perspective during 3 years the sum of claims lowers on average by about 1 million 620 thousand zlotys gross what makes the equivalent of 5 new truck tractors.

Working of “EMPLOYEE OPTIMIZER” consists of three phases:

  • First of them is the analysis of law condition of a given transport company,

  • Second phase is the target working of optimization (implementation of about 45 setting parameters in transport companies) and lowering the real costs of workers and claims potential,

  • Third phase is the change of employment contract to original civil-law contract of the Viggen Law Office sp.j. with preservation of social package, which is identical as in the case of employment contract.

Using the third phase of optimization Viggen Law Office is able to (additionally from the above mentioned values) reduce costs as much as 40% on account of bonuses to remuneration. It is on average about 450 zlotys on account of bonuses for work in the overtime, duties, work at night, what is about 40% of 1 million 620 thousand zlotys (the potential of claims for 3 years back with 100 drivers). It gives about 640 thousand of additional savings expressed in 100 drivers, with complying to the third phase of innovation of Employee Optimizer (i.e. during the change of employment contract to civil-law contract with full social package).

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