From July  2011 the viaTOLL system replaced in Poland the so far applying system of road fees in the form of toll stickers. The viaTOLL system, or rather according to the statutory nomenclature the electronic system of toll collection for driving on state roads, from the beginning of its existence provoked plenty of controversy, causing the entrepreneurs a lot of problems.

Within our activity we take up law consultancy and complex conduct of matters in case of: retaining by the entitled road inspection bodies a vehicle, issuing an administrative decision placing punishment for not paying the electronic toll in full amount, receiving summons to present the person driving a car etc. Most often the customers come forward to us in case of a lack of a registration of a car in the viaTOLL system, wrong assigning of a vehicle’s category at registration in the viaTOLL system, a ride through a paid length of a trunk way without paying the electronic toll, lack of a change of a registration number in the viabox device at registration of a vehicle, placing a few/a dozen of administrative punishments for one ride through a trunk way and contravenes of other obligations, which result from the act of trunk roads.

Our specialized team of lawyers analyzes each case individually and suggests the best strategy for a given customer with the aim of defending their rights.



  • we effectively have already clarified over 1100 times, that is the biggest amount in the country and we have within this scope the most extensive experience,

  • explanations are prepared only by the specialized in transport law lawyers, who are also experienced practitioners, so each explanation is solely prepared by the lawyer specializing in a given type of the transport law,

  • a considerable part of administrative punishments is placed without considering the responsibility of establishing the rule of “objective truth” – what disqualifies the validity of decisions and our lawyers can discern this key irregularity,

  • part of decisions are issued in conformity with binding law – what disqualifies the validity of decision and our lawyers can detect this key irregularity,

  • a part of decisions is not placed in conformity with the stand voiced in the judicature, so there is a real possibility of a successful appeal – our lawyers know the stand of courts and